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DSC_2237In June 2012, after a week’s holiday in their ancient railway station in Auvergne (see picture) which they entirely transformed into a comfortable gîte, Dirk and Inge went for another week stay in southern France. That’s when they discovered Le Somail and fell instantly in love with this village. After thirty years having worked for the bank, Dirk thought it was time to give his life a boost. Also Inge found it was time to breathe a different air as the one of the library she worked in for so many years. Because the children, however, were not all graduated at that moment it wasn’t possible to realize their dream. In 2015 all puzzle pieces miraculously matched: The eldest son Bram has a beautiful job and manages to buy his own house. Lowie gets his drivers license and a job as a lab technician. Daughter Pippa graduates as an event manager and … Inge discovers on the Web that the B&B in Le Somail, where they gasped for years, is for sale. A few months later they were sitting at the notary and this signified a goodbye to Belgium.
Now they enjoy at “their” Neptune at the banks of the Canal du Midi and hope to welcome you one of these days to be a part of their long-cherished dream.

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